In the absence of proper safety equipment, procedures and supervision, it is guaranteed that workers will fall from heights and risk serious bodily injury and even death.

The expense of inaction is staggering: loss of life, disability, replacing valued employees, and OSHA penalties to name a few.  Fall protection awareness, training, and safety equipment  are critical to your success and the health of your employees.

Here, we’ve assembled resources that will help you understand how to properly address fall protection including guidance on OSHA requirements, where to obtain protective equipment and training guidelines.


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  • Of the top 3 OSHA cited violations, 2 of them occurred in the construction industry. Fall protection violations ranked number 1 & scaffolding violations ranked number 3.
  • 419 of construction related fatalities occurred from 4 major categories: Falls, Electrocutions, Struck by Objects & Caught-in/between.
  • In 2012, OSHA recorded 3,945 worker fatalities in the U.S., 775 of them occurred in the construction industry.
  • The financial loss for a single claim averages $11,673 per occurence.
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