Industrial safety is a term used to describe safety in a non-construction environment which is typically more predictable than in construction.  In both situations, the goal remains the same but the hazards are generally different.

You will find materials on this page that will help you manage the health and safety of your employees in a non-construction environment such as sample programs, training guidelines, and steps for OSHA compliance.

Remember - there is no such thing as being too safe!

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  • Of the top 3 OSHA cited violations, 2 of them occurred in the construction industry. Fall protection violations ranked number 1 & scaffolding violations ranked number 3.
  • 419 of construction related fatalities occurred from 4 major categories: Falls, Electrocutions, Struck by Objects & Caught-in/between.
  • In 2012, OSHA recorded 3,945 worker fatalities in the U.S., 775 of them occurred in the construction industry.
  • The financial loss for a single claim averages $11,673 per occurence.
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